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Olive-Me & Co. is an independently owned and operated company by Missy Haggarty, a member of the London Chambre Of Commerce, Rotary International , Better Business Bureau, London Executive Association (one of the oldest business networking groups in southwestern Ontario) and the California Olive Oil Council. Olive~Me strives to offer unique Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Gourmet Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Tapenades and Beauty Products derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world.  Each of our lovely olive oils and balsamic vinegars are hand poured/bottled, hand labeled, fresh corked and foil sealed by us!!!! You will also notice a special seal of quality on our very select Extra Virgin Olive Oils certified by the California Olive Oil Council to ensure that our customers can purchase with 100% confidence that their product has been fully lab tested and sensory evaluated by the council andCOOCGeneric  it is 100% extra virgin. We also bring in select award winning olive oils from producers around the world.

We offer:

  • Wholesale bulk pricing for businesses, restaurants and wineries
  • Custom labeling/ bottling for events, wedding favours, corporate gifts etc.
  • Free Sampling

While living and travelling in Europe and other countries of the world, I was privileged to experience the many ways in which each culture works with its Extra-Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. It has always left me with the desire to open my own tasting room in my own country. It is truly a cultural adventure to savor these flavored olive oils and vinegars in a setting such as this. It opens one up to an entire new world of flavours and aromas that make the possibility of blends and the combinations with food endless. With that in mind, I decided that a perfect location to begin with a “Tasting Room” would be where I live, in London, Ontario, a cosmopolitan city with fabulous gourmet restaurants and culinary schools. I have also taken the Master Of Milling Course at UC Davis in California to learn how to mill olive oil and sensory evaluate it for defects.

At Olive~Me & Co. we’re proud to be London’s first full scale olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room, the first and only tasting room of its kind in the province of Ontario. Come, let me take you to the countries of origin of the many  Olive Oils and Balsamic vinegars just simply by sampling them.

Olive~Me & Co. has a passion for all things olive, we bring the freshest available Extra Virgin Olive Oils and finest Balsamic Vinegars home so everyone can enjoy great international cuisine in their very own homes. Our tasting room is unique, we have maintained the tradition of the freshest oils and most aged vinegars by sourcing our oils and vinegars by using artisan producers of fine oils and vinegars and following the northern and southern hemisphere olive crush cycles. We source all of our olive oils ourselves directly with the actual producer, not third party or thru third party vendors. This ensures our producers receive the most financial benefit for their product and ensures economic sustainability for themselves, their families and their business.

We continually strive to ensure the freshest oils and most aged balsamic vinegars are represented in our Tasting Room.

Experience! Experiment! Explore the infinite possibilities of combining our ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars before even having purchased them. Let us take your favourite oils and vinegars and blend them into your own favourite blend. If you do not choose to be that adventurous then we can also offer you pre-bottled flavours that you can choose from.

Let us create your own special blend for your wedding, special event or corporate gift.

Come with me on a world tour of fine Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Gourmet Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars that will tantalize your palate like never before. Let me bring a new perspective to your home-cooking, entertaining and special events.

Missy Haggarty
Owner & Importer,
Olive-Me & Co.


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